The collective

Who are we?

We are MiOM. A creative collective and a group with the vision of creating affordable space for creative synergies.

We were founded in 2020, in the former Wandelwerk. After having to move out, we relocated to our current location - the Gewächshaus. In September 2022, we founded the MiOM Kreativraum e.V. to organize the financial and organizational tasks in a grassroots democratic structure.

As a collective, we work on creative projects in art and culture to unfold potentials and create artistic synergies. Currently, we consist of product designers, techies, photographers, artists, tattoo artists, fashion designers, and makeup artists. Our goal is to create space for experimenting, exchanging ideas, and working together. We aim for a sustainable community of diverse individuals who can unleash their creative power.

Each one, teach one!